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I am an artist/musician/songwriter/film producer. I embrace the simple things in life. I view everyone as a potential friend, and my friends are my family.” – Andrew Malary
Andrew Malary, founder and executive producer of P.I.F. Productions, is a young, ambitious individual who is passionate in his love for art and music.  From an early age he spent hours in his room making mixtapes, sketching, painting and most importantly, visualizing.  An artistic mind and a big heart was only the beginning of what eventually became “Pay It Forward” Productions.  

“The idea was planted in my head when I first saw the movie ‘Pay It Forward’ starring Kevin Spacey back in 2000.  The message was so positive and up lifting that it stuck with me ever since.” – Andrew Malary

The whole concept of “paying it forward” is that you do something nice for two people, and they go on to do something nice for four people, and they go on to do something nice for eight people, and so on.  P.I.F. Productions branches off of the message that “Positivity brings prosperity.”  Instead of “paying back,” we “pay forward” and in time karma takes its course, holding a bigger reward than you even bargained for.    
“Music is my first love and biggest influence.  Music is therapy for the brain and through interpretation it helps us unlock the unopened doors in our mind, to the colorful and harmonious world of ecstasy. Not so much the drug, but the feeling we get when the rhythm hits our bodies, hits our souls, and for a moment in time everyone in the crowd moves as one.” – Andrew Malary
P.I.F. Productions

P.I.F. Productions dabbles in a variety of work.  We do photography, video shoots (music, promotional events etc.), and music production.  We create all kinds of promotional visuals for models, DJ’s, artists and musicians.  We do not discriminate or segment to one kind of market.  We are open to working with all kinds of people from all walks of life. 
P.I.F. Productions is also affiliated with A Happy Medium & Stolen Goods Clothing Co.


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